A part-time CFO with all-time commitment.

Your business deserves to work with an expert CFO to guide your success

The exclusive FGC Financial Flywheel helps put your financial functions in context.

ProCFO Partners are expert financial officers, networked across industries, verticals, specializations and situations.

Our innovative and exclusive FGC Financial Flywheel™ delivers a powerful framework that creates momentum that drives your financial functions for sustainable success.

Where you want to go

We don’t start with reports and statements. We start with you. Insightful conversations to understand your values and vision.

How you can get there

Expert analysis reveals what you need to start and stop doing to overcome issues and achieve new goals. Learn to identify and resolve symptoms to underperformance.


Our focus on relationships combines with our innovative approach to go beyond problem-solving and delivers sustainable, repeatable results.
Within minutes of meeting with ProCFO Partners, I had a feeling of weight lifting and more oxygen. Random, scattered pieces of business data fell into perfect orientation. Everything I knew but never understood about financial reporting was turned into a flywheel of interconnected information that allows me to make real, calculated decisions.

Now I’m calm and strategic. I have the best navigator and critical tools to weather disruptive growth, downturns, and even a pandemic.

Michelle Frame

President & Founder, Victus Ars, Inc.

On a scale of 1 to 10, working with ProCFO Partners and the results they had on our company is an 11 or 12.

We were restructuring our processes, operations, and finance and recognized we were out of our depth. We called ProCFO Partners in and within the first month we recognized the impact they had on our company. We gained new insight, implemented new processes, and leveraged the internal structure of the organization to support our growing operation.

Arye Krausz

CEO, Rock Brokerage

Putting your financial picture in context.

Across six focus areas, we collaborate with you on where attention is needed first, and most. Our comprehensive perspective helps you optimize the key relationships between financial functions in your business.

Goals & Strategy

  • Objective
  • Measurable Targets
  • Strategic Map
  • Organizational Execution
  • “Create The Next”
  • Transaction Advisory

Revenue Model

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Market Position
  • Customer Segments
  • Channels

Systems & Processes

  • Financial Operations
  • Internal Systems
  • Legal
  • Tax Planning
  • Support Functions
  • Banking


  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Budgets
  • Forecasting
  • KPIs/Metrics

CASH Management

  • Current Cash Position
  • Cash Flow Report
  • A/R
  • Cost Management
  • A/P
  • Funding

Profit Improvement

  • Profitability Analysis
  • Pricing model
  • Gross Margin
  • Cost Analysis
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Net Profit

Engagement on Your Terms

A part-time CFO with all-time commitment.

With ProCFO Partners, we invest in you with a committed, experienced CFO that’s networked with dozens of our partners, putting a wide array of talent to work just for you. Your investment with us is a fraction of what you’d pay for a full-time CFO. We can easily lead, support, or integrate into your existing teams and processes for instant impact.

Powerhouse of Performance

Get to Know Your ProCFO

Haleh Fardi, ProCFO Partners Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Haleh Fardi

Years: 25+
Expertise: Provide every business with access to work with an expert Strategic CFO and every Strategic CFO with a platform to practice in a way that is meaningful to them.
Nelson Tepfer, ProCFO Partners Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Nelson Tepfer

Years: 15+
Expertise: Building systematic, sustainable, and scalable solutions that help business owners achieve their operational, financial, and strategic goals.
Pat Arcadipane, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Pat Arcadipane

Years: 30+
Expertise: Strategic business transition and financial growth services to help businesses and their owners reach their professional and personal goals
Pat Arcadipane, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Dan Bartley

Years: 25+
Expertise: Financial reporting and operations, strategic planning and financial modeling. Designing, monitoring and revising key corporate and employee performance objectives.
Aisha Bhana, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Aisha Bhana

Years: 15+
Expertise: Financial, operational, corporate accounting and IPOs
Howard Brover, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Howard Brover

Years: 30+
Expertise: Acquisition integrations and improved processes and controls for global and publishing companies
Howard Brover, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

John Chaple

Years: 30+
Expertise: Commercial Business support, Supply Chain controlling, Operations Planning / S&OP, as well as resulting Financial Planning & Analysis
Michael Durney, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Michael Durney

Years: 25+
Expertise: Global recruiting, financial restructuring, sales, acquisitions and IPOs
Stacey Frye, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Jeffrey Franklin

Years: 40+
Expertise: Improving operations, impacting business growth and maximizing profits through cash management, strategic planning, systems development, creating processing efficiencies, and business restructuring.
Stacey Frye, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Stacey Frye

Years: 20+
Expertise: Rapid growth, debt refinancing & restructuring, M&A
Raji Kalra, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Raji Kalra

Years: 15+
Expertise: Growing nonprofits & social enterprises
Byron Kanaley, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Byron Kanaley

Years: 30+
Expertise: Adaptive Insights budgeting, forecasting, implementation and training. Intacct, NetSuite and Quickbooks ERP systems accounting, integration, financial reporting and analysis.
Jim Lillis, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Jim Lillis

Years: 35+
Expertise: Business modeling, forecasting, strategic planning, financial reporting, cash management, fund raising, borrowing relationships and contracts for technology, investment management and financial services companies experiencing rapid growth.
Jim Lillis, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

John Martin

Years: 25+
Expertise: Senior leadership in Finance, Treasury, and Banking in public and private companies across various industries.
Jim Lillis, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Thomas Morrow

Years: 30+
Expertise: Startup/hypergrowth, large organization/hypergrowth, and finance and accounting subject matter expertise in electronics and manufacturing, energy services, ecommerce and SAAS, and distribution entities
Gerry Quinn, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Gerry Quinn

Years: 30+
Expertise: Process optimization and change management for privately owned, mid-sized businesses
Kathleen Reynolds, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Kathleen Reynolds

Years: 20+
Expertise: Start-ups & financial services
Carlos Sava, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Carlos Sava

Years: 15+
Expertise: Strategic planning, financial reporting and forecasting, team development and M&A.
Carlos Sava, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Tom Sherman

Years: 30+
Expertise: Senior financial leadership with a focus on privately held, lower middle market firms in real estate/construction, professional services and technology with entrepreneurial vision.
Tony Spina, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Tony Spina

Years: 25+
Expertise: Privately owned, mid-sized businesses in the manufacturing and service sectors
Jeff Wheatley, ProCFO Partners CFO and Principal

Jeff Wheatley

Years: 30+
Expertise: Global companies involved in consumer retail, specialty finance, and managed services

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ProCFO Partners are expert financial officers networked across industries, vertical, specializations and situations. Our collective strength leads to your forward-looking solution, while our FGC Financial Flywheel™ delivers a powerful framework for sustainable success. Choose us for a part-time CFO with all-time commitment.

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