Dan Bartley

CFO | Principal
Expertise: Improving operations, impacting business growth and maximizing profits through cash management, strategic planning, systems development, creating processing efficiencies, and business restructuring.

Dan has more than 25 years’ experience in financial reporting and operations along with being a key participant in strategic planning and financial modeling. Throughout his career, Dan has analyzed, negotiated, and executed complex business transactions including mergers and acquisitions, and arranged the debt and equity financial instruments associated with those transactions. Dan’s expertise includes designing, monitoring, and revising key corporate and employee performance objectives.

Dan has served as the CFO of two publicly traded companies as well as the CFO of an entity owned by a highly regarded private equity group. In addition to his business expertise, Dan has highly developed leadership and motivational skills and a collaborative working style.  Dan obtained his CPA while working for Deloitte Touche in its emerging business department.

Dan’s areas of expertise include; financial reporting, both public and private, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financing, strategic planning, 10K, 10Q and registration statements.

Dan’s industry specializations include; manufacturing, high technology, financial services, retail, SaaS, medical practices and distribution.




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