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I’m talking like 60 days of pure anxiety, not being able to sleep at night. Just to be able to put all of that down…there’s just such comfort around it now.

Mike Batiste
Managing Partner

“Commerce is not just e-commerce, because all commerce is e-commerce,” asserts Mike Batiste, the visionary Managing Partner behind Five Eighty, a Commerce Marketing Agency that shapes how brands interact with consumers across digital and physical realms. For Batiste and Five Eighty, this isn’t just a nuanced take on the modern marketplace—it’s the foundation upon which Five Eighty is built.

“Yep, that means buying through clicks, it means pushing a cart and pulling stuff off shelves,” Mike explains, underscoring the multifaceted nature of shopping for all of us consumers today. His approach is reflective of a broader shift in consumer behavior, where the lines between online and offline shopping blur into one cohesive experience.

“It’s really interesting. And it’s always been an evolving industry because of technology and human behavior and generational demographics,” Mike says. This acknowledgment of how quickly “shopping” evolves is at the core of Five Eighty’s strategy, emphasizing the need for agility and forward-thinking while tastes technologies are constantly in flux.

At Five Eighty, they’re not interested in just keeping pace—they’re staying ahead of the curve. “We like the ability to work on many different brands and many different challenges in the space of commerce,” he states, highlighting the dynamic and varied work that excites and motivates the team at Five Eighty. This enthusiasm for taking on new challenges and creating personalized shopping experiences is what sets Five Eighty apart, making every interaction meaningful and every strategy impactful.

Why Five Eighty Engaged a Part-Time CFO

Five Eighty knows the value of surrounding itself with strong partners with specialized skill sets, and in being that partner itself. When considering the complexity of maintaining excellence while navigating financial and operational growth, they ecognized the need for financial expertise. The introduction of Tom McNiff as their fractional CFO through ProCFO Partners was a strategic move, guided by ProCFO Partners CEO Nelson Tepfer‘s insightful alignment. “Let me hear about you… and then I’ll figure out who would be the best match,” Mike remembers Nelson saying. This approach to prioritizing and understanding Five Eighty’s unique needs led to a partnership that Mike describes as continuing to “pay dividends,” ensuring their innovative marketing solutions are backed by solid financial planning and execution.

The FGC Financial Flywheel from ProCFO Partners

The Value of ProCFO Partners to Five Eighty

Tom McNiff, CFO with ProCFO Partners
Tom McNiff

“It was really an amazing instrumental work into building our financial foundation,” Mike recalls. This foundation has allowed Five Eighty to not only project future growth with remarkable accuracy but also to refine how they manage client engagements across their diverse services.

“We probably accomplished four to five years worth of work in a year and a half,” Mike says, emphasizing the accelerated growth and strategic advancements made possible through their work with ProCFO Partners. This collaboration has fundamentally strengthened Five Eighty’s position in the market. They remain at the cutting edge of commerce marketing while being able to confidently look ahead, focused on what they do best.

A Better Paved Path Forward

ProCFO Partners has done more than just help strengthen Five Eighty’s financial strategies—it’s reduced the stress and anxiety that comes with rapid growth in a complex industry. Batiste shares honestly, “The emotions ran really hot… I’m talking like 60 days of pure anxiety, not being able to sleep at night.” Through their collaboration with ProCFO Partners, these pressures eased, allowing Mike and his team to focus on what they do best: innovating in the commerce space.

Mike attributes a great deal of this stress relief to the proactive and solutions-oriented approach of Tom McNiff. “Just to be able to put all of that down… there’s just such comfort around it now,” he reflects on the impact of their financial planning and strategy sessions. This level of support and guidance has been instrumental in transforming Five Eighty’s approach to business, instilling a newfound confidence in their decision-making processes.

As Mike’s experience demonstrates, the right partnership can transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring businesses like Five Eighty can more confidently Create The Next.

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