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“I was able to focus on building my relationships and building the business. Through our partnership with ProCFO Partners, we’re coming out of this in a real position of strength.

David Ashen

David Ashen founded Dash Design in 2004, and it has sinced emerged as a leading New York City based interior design and branding agency. Specializing in hotel, restaurant and retail as well as healthcare strategy and design, Ashen has seen the company through trends, growth, maturation and now into emerging markets and opportunities.

“We were really focused on the hospitality industry, and we made a cognizant decision about two years ago to shift into senior living,” Ashen reflects, “As we saw that category taking a lot of cues from the hospitality industry.” In senior living in particular, interest has grown across different demographics and price points, where previously luxury spaces were more prevalent.

“It’s challenging,” David acknowledges, “Because you have to predict the possibilities.” This is true across other work and living spaces too, including hotels. “People want more quick getaways,” Ashen says, and so his company is adjusting with design and strategic leadership to help organizations do more with their spaces.

Why Dash Design Engaged a Part-Time CFO

“In looking at growing the business, I reached a bit of a limitation in terms of my breadth of knowledge,” David says. “How to invest in growth, optimize things, get more efficient.” David also wanted help planning against his vision. 

And then the Pandemic hit.

Suddenly it wasn’t only visioning and growth on Ashen’s mind, but survival. ProCFO Partners CFO Kathleen Reynolds has been a key to keeping Dash Designs on course.

“Kathleen and ProCFO Partners have been very helpful  in finding resources that would have taken me a very long time to figure out, like PPP loans and SBA loans,” Ashen says. “They got us a new bank, put us in touch with the right partners, helped us put in place a new accounting firm.”

Like in his own business, ProCFO Partners was able to quickly adapt and adjust to new business realities and demands so Dash Designs could stay productive.

The FGC Financial Flywheel from ProCFO Partners

The Value of ProCFO Partners to Dash Designs

Kathleen Reynolds, CFO with ProCFO Partners
Kathleen Reynolds

“I have colleagues who went bankrupt during Covid,” Ashen reflects seriously. “That could have been me if we didn’t have the help of Kathleen and Nelson and team at ProCFO Partners in terms of helping us navigate what was a very difficult 18 months. We didn’t have to lay one person off.”

It’s a sometimes stark reminder of the domino effects businesses can experience. The pandemic certainly laid that bare, but Dash Design emerged better, stronger, and with clearer direction than ever before.

“Position of Strength”

On his partnership with ProCFO Partners, David Ashen concludes, “I was able to focus on building my relationships and building the business. So really through that partnership, we’re coming out of this in a real position of strength.”

As Dash Designs makes goals and strategies for the next 3-5 years, including a potential acquisition among potential exit strategies, ProCFO Partners has been able to help Ashen stay focused, develop stronger efficiciences, and realize new business opportunity and potential.

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