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“With ProCFO Partners I have this confidence that I’ve never had running the business because I know there’s somebody there watching my back all the time.

Jay Patel

Jay Patel is the CEO at Amtech, a family run, family-owned and operated electronics manufacturing business. Amtech serves other, often much larger businesses that need dependable, high performance electro-circuitry to make their products run, and Amtech’s been meeting that need since Patel’s father started the business. The son of parents who immigrated in 1981, Patel and his brother now carry on the tradition of excellence and customer service Amtech was founded on.

“I was probably employee number two,” Patel says. “My dad was the owner, my mom was employee number one, and I was employee number two. I’ve worked out in the shop floor, doing shipping, receiving inventory, doing the soldering, repair, installation, running all the equipment. As the company has grown, I have grown and realized what my role should be, and what kind of role adds the most value to organization.”

Why Amtech Engaged a Part-Time CFO

It’s easy for family businesses to sometimes find themselves “run a certain way,” or according to “how we’ve always done things.” Patel is mindful of what Amtech and its people need to grow, innovate, and achieve sustainable success. “As we grew, we looked for support and capital to fund our growth and get more sophisticated in how we manage the organization,” Patel recalls. After weighing the same criteria many small businesses explore like affordability, need, overhead and onboarding, it made sense for Amtech to enlist a part-time or fractional CFO to provide the essential insights and strategic guidance they were looking for. With ProCFO Partners, Amtech partners with Randy Talcott.

“Something I really appreciate about Randy,” Patel says, “is he is invested in the organization. He advises us but he’s more like a function of the organization. When you get somebody who’s not only providing services but gets invested and wants to see us grow, there’s a whole other dynamic that comes in.”

The FGC Financial Flywheel from ProCFO Partners

The Value of ProCFO Partners to Amtech

Randy Talcott, ProCFO at ProCFO Partners
Randy Talcott

“I think every organization needs the right person in the right seat,” Patel says. With ProCFO Partners, Randy guides and directs Amtech not only in financial management but with strategic perspective. “Before Randy, before I went to bed I’d lie there and think about all the things I need to worry about right now. I don’t have to go through that process anymore.”

Something else Patel and Amtech values in Randy is his years of experience and his depth and breadth of knowledge and insight. It’s not just Randy sitting alongside Amtech’s leadership, but all the years of Randy’s own leadership and skills complementing the strategic process. “Randy is a great guide. He’s a great mentor,” Patel reflects.

“It’s been awesome.”

Amtech started working with ProCFO Partners with a “try it out” point of view. They’ve quickly come to appreciate the impact. “It’s been awesome,” laughs Patel. “It’s been such a learning process and an eye-opening process. For Patel, it was something of an aha. “So this is how things are done,” he says.

For ProCFO Partners, there’s probably no better endorsement than when a client literally says we help him sleep a little better at night. We’re grateful for leaders like Jay who have an eye on how to make the future brighter, the road to get there a little smoother, and a desire to surround himself with the right people to get there.

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