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“Our CFO from ProCFO Partners has been extremely valuable in putting this all together because things are moving so fast with our company.

Harold Leuken

Starlite Media creates premium high impact digital displays, and there’s a strong likelihood that if you’ve come across a striking, large format video display or static display in your grocery store or on the street, you’ve come across their products. CEO Harold Leuken states, “Our advertisers are the top companies in the world of Apple, Facebook, Google, automotive entertainment, and the products and services that are sold around shopping centers.”

Achieving their success hasn’t just been a matter of innovation and smart work. Starlite Media had to wait for the technology to catch up with advertising ideas while manufacturing and costs of goods had to equalize as well. “15 years ago, the technology was not there,” Leuken says. “The technology caught up, and the prices for the units came down and the quality of displays improved.” 

These days Starlite Media is in growth mode, securing funding to develop more units. In fact it was a financing relationship with a bank that introduced Starlite Media to ProCFO Partners and CFO Jeff Franklin.

Why Starlite Media Engaged a Part-Time CFO

“A major bank that we were in discussions with wanted additional information from us, and we just didn’t have the bandwidth to provide it to them,” Leuken recalls. “They recommended Jeff Franklin, and it’s been fabulous.”

Bandwidth of available time and talent is a consistent struggle for StarLite Media as all hands are on deck for strategic growth. Harold says, “To bring someone in and hire them and go through all that HR stuff, it’s much easier, better and more efficient to do it through a fractional relationship.”

Securing fundraising like Starlite Media is doing can be an involved, complex process. Jeff Franklin is helping to manage relationships, deliverables and processes. From accounting through auditing, Jeff is helping Starlite Media’s internal teams navigate the path ahead.

The FGC Financial Flywheel from ProCFO Partners

The Value of ProCFO Partners to Starlite Media

Jeff Franklin, CFO with ProCFO Partners
Jeff Franklin

“Jeff Franklin has been extremely valuable in putting this all together because things are moving so fast with the company,” Leuken says. “Jeff’s got the right personality for dealing with various people with different pieces of information.”

Harold also values Jeff’s communication and leadership skills. “Jeff is able to control the process, efficiently and in a nice way,” says Leuken. “I get this with other situations sometimes, where I get a call from someone who hates working with someone else. It’s a big hassle for me as a manager. We certainly don’t have that with Jeff.” In a fast-moving environment where attention bandwidth is a premium, ProCFO Partners helps Starlite Media move in the right direction.

All Signs Point To Yes

For Starlite Media, the future looks as bright as their digital displays. “I wouldn’t be here if I did not think the company would have a market cap of a Billion dollars in five years,” Harold says. As Starlite Media continues to secure funding and manage complex finance relationships on the path to get there, ProCFO Partners is proud to be a partner by their side.

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