Banks, Business & You offers sound advice for success from ProCFO Partners

Banks, Business & You: Proactive Strategies on Protecting Your Business

One of the most important facets of running any business is its financial health. After all, without a secure financial footing, it can be difficult to keep a business afloat much less move forward. Financial health requires partnerships for the...

Mar 30, 2023

Business Velocity: Creating Momentum and Agility

Business velocity is a term used to describe the pace at which businesses are able to create, execute, and iterate on strategies. It’s a conceptual measure of the momentum and agility of a business,  and is a critical factor in...

Mar 22, 2023

Becoming a ProCFO Navigating Environments & Discovering Opportunities

Mike Durney has a wealth of C-suite having served in public accounting, as CFO, Controller and CEO. He’s stood at the helm through bankruptcy, acquisition and divestiture,  of companies ranging from media to entertainment to technology. With decades of experience,...

Mar 8, 2023

Meaning, Metrics & Why Marketing Matters

Marketing is often misunderstood as a business tool. Many see it as a costly expense—the icing on the cake, rather than the cake itself. But in reality, marketing is essential for the success of any business. It is the lifeline...

Mar 1, 2023

New 2023 ProCFO Partners Survey Notes Florida CEOs Rank Staffing and Supply Chain Issues Ahead of Economy

Florida CEOs Concerned About the Economy, But Say Staffing and Supply Chain Bigger Issues What’s keeping Florida CEOs up at night? According to a recent survey by ProCFO Partners of 45 of its CFOs, economic uncertainty remains an ongoing concern,...

Feb 28, 2023
Tom McNiff ProCFO Partners with experience in the music industry

Becoming a ProCFO: Sounds Like Success

Tom McNiff dreamed of a place in the music industry - and found one in finance. As a CFO for a record company, Tom’s worked with some of the most famous names in the industry. He has also worked with...

Feb 22, 2023
South Florida in Business: Fractional CFO from ProCFO Partners

South Florida In Business: Position, Perspective and ProCFO Partners

South Florida is often referred to as the gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America. Generally consisting of Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties, and extending in the Florida Keys and the west coast of Florida, it's home to a...

Feb 6, 2023
Navigate the healthcare insurance maze from ProCFO Partners

Navigating the Healthcare Maze: Business Essentials & Preparing for the Future

Navigating the healthcare maze can be a daunting task, especially for business owners and executives. Healthcare insurance, like the healthcare industry, is complex and often confusing. With the ever-evolving healthcare system and the pervasive influence of technology, it can be...

Jan 25, 2023
Creating Your Finance Team podcast from ProCFO Partners

Creating Your Finance Team: The Players and Their Functions

As a business executive, you understand the importance of having the right team in place for success. When it comes to your finance team, it’s critical to have the right players in the right roles. Think of your team as...

Jan 4, 2023
Reflect on your past year's performance to create a successful plan for the future. ProCFO Partners can help you identify areas for improvement and set realistic goals for the new year. from ProCFO Partners

Reflect, Readjust, Reimagine: Looking at Last Year to Create Your Next Year

As the new year approaches, it's natural to look back at the past year and reflect on what worked and what didn't. This exercise is particularly important for business executives as it can help you identify areas for improvement and...

Dec 28, 2022
Raising Capital For Your Business: Advice & Insights to Help You Grow blog post from ProCFO Partners

Raising Capital For Your Business: Advice & Insights to Help You Grow

Raising capital is a critical part of running a successful business. It can also be one of the biggest challenges that companies face. This is why it’s essential to understand when it’s time to raise capital, what common obstacles and...

Dec 21, 2022
Peer Groups, Mentors & Coaches: How Stronger Connections Create Better Leaders blog post from ProCFO Partners

Peer Groups, Mentors & Coaches: How Stronger Connections Create Better Leaders

Mentorship, coaching, and peer groups are crucial resources for professional growth and development. These support systems provide valuable guidance, support, and accountability that can help people navigate leadership challenges and succeed in their careers. In this article, we'll be sharing...

Dec 15, 2022

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