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Messaging And Meaning

We’re getting ahead, and we’re building out multi year projections, giving us the ability to really take the business to a totally different level.”

Allan Levy

“Seriously good messages” is the promise Alchemy Worx makes in helping its clients like ebay and Disney communicate through email and text messaging. For CEO Allan Levy, that’s more than a pithy slogan for a marketing company – it’s a directive.

“Companies have a contract with the consumer. And if you want to sell the consumer more, you need to be careful in how you communicate with them.”

That care Allan speaks of isn’t just respect for not being or feeling intrusive, too sales-heavy, or articulating brand tone. It also means caring about what they care about. One area where Alchemy Worx specializes is cart abandonment messaging, which is automated communication to gently remind a customer that they might have left an item in an online shopping cart. Done the right way, this messaging can reignite the sales relationship while satisfying both the Alchemy Worx client and their customer.

“I think one of the biggest business transformational changes has been the advent of the abandonment messaging, or triggered messaging,” Levy says. “Whether it’s just abandonment cart browse, or even just a welcome flow.” Getting the messaging right can have a serious business impact. Levy continues, “The ability to have personalization and targeting in automated messaging, and how those now account for between 30% and 35% of a company’s can imagine, if that didn’t exist, that revenue is just gone.”

Why Alchemy Worx Engaged a Part-Time CFO

As a company with multiple divisions serving enterprise clients around the world, and in a dynamic, technologically-centered business, Alchemy Worx faces unique challenges. Its business and revenue model must adapt quickly to changing trends and technology. Levy and his team must understand and articulate new and emerging communication platforms and their value to clients. Yet Alchemy Worx isn’t a technology company at the expense of a people company. The human connection will always remain essential to the way its clients connect to their customers. Managing these business dynamics with a strategic financial mind in the mix is, Levy knows, the smartest way for continued business success. “In order to scale this business, I need to get into the micro of what’s working and what’s not, financially.” Levy says.

With some initial guidance from Co-Founder and Managing Partner Nelson Tepfer, Alchemy Worx has the partner they needed in CFO Michael Durney.

The FGC Financial Flywheel from ProCFO Partners

The Value of ProCFO Partners to Alchemy Worx

Michael Durney, CFO with ProCFO Partners
Michael Durney

“With ProCFO Partners and with Mike, we’re looking into 2022, by division, by profitability, by each one of our subdivisions,” Allan reflects. “Where are we investing in the company that we shouldn’t be? That’s less profitable for us? And where are we investing in the company, that we should be investing a lot more?”

“Mike has helped us make those adjustments. We’re getting ahead, and we’re building out multi year projections, giving us the ability to really take the business to a totally different level.”

Connected in Confidence

An advantage of ProCFO Partners is its broad and deep network of expert, experienced CFOs. It affords companies like Alchemy Worx to align with exactly the right ProCFO to meet their unique needs and style.

For Levy, it took a little time working with Tepfer to make some adjustments and position the perfect Pro in Mike Durney. “Nelson asked me a series of questions…to end up with a great integration,” Allan recalls. “Mike is totally on our page.”

Across nearly any vertical or industry, from small business to enterprise, with customers across town or across continents, ProCFO Partners is uniquely positioned to help companies like Alchemy Worx thrive and succeed. One phrase we hear again and again from our clients is how we help them reach “another level.” If you’ve never used that phrase to describe your relationship with your CFO, let’s have a conversation together.

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