Samuel Heller

CFO | Principal
Expertise: Provider Healthcare, Cash Management, Investments

Sam is an experienced CFO with the ability to manage an organization’s finances while moving an organization forward in new strategic directions.  He has over 30 years of experience as a CFO and senior finance executive. Most of his experience has been in the provider healthcare field where he became an expert in all areas of healthcare finance, reimbursement, billing, accounts receivable, cash management and investments.

Sam’s career spanned 25 years with the Visiting Nurse Service of NY, a large home care and Medicare/Medicaid insurance company.  He helped the company grow from $400M to $2B in revenues.   He diversified the finance organization so it could provide the crucial finance information required by senior executives to manage their businesses.  He took the lead role negotiating and completing the organization’s acquisitions, working with banks to secure loans necessary for growth, and oversaw several major construction projects.

Sam is a manager who understands the importance of communication and team building.  He managed a 200 member staff in different business units and has been able to leverage the knowledge and skills of all his staff.  At the same time, his knows how to communicate complex financial matters to senior staff and Boards of Directors.



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