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“It was like she wanted to be part of the company, and she became part of the company. It was awesome.

Tom White

Tom White, Partner at Unisan Group (since renamed Indecca), leads business development as the company meets the needs and priorities of renovating businesses and work spaces. And those needs are changing.

“There’s a lot of attention on cleanliness, on what you touch,” Tom says. “Restrooms, break rooms, that kind of thing – obviously high priority currently.”

Unisan Group is a specialist design, construction and project delivery firm. They help businesses better understand, use, and ultimately get more from their spaces with beautiful and functional renovations.

The shift to wellness and safety has not found Unisan Group flat-footed, as they also have a division dedicated to cleaning and restroom supplies. This has created the perfect opportunity for messaging shifts. “When people are going into a renovation project, they’re thinking about materials, colors, and what it’s going to look like. We introduce that next piece that helps them balance.”

This expertise helps Unisan make recommendations to clients that improves the final project. A particular chosen material might be difficult to clean, or could be located in a high-traffic spot that’s not ideal for cleanliness. Marrying the form of high quality materials and design with the function of surface materials creates, as Tom says, a valuable balance. This is especially valuable in the changing workforce.

“Because of the expertise we have, we’ve been able to leverage that to educate, inform ahead of the curve, rather than ‘Yes, we’ll install that for you.’ This kind of strategic counsel helps their clients develop trust, especially where projects can, by nature, be expensive, intrusive and sometimes inconvenient.

Why Unisan Group Engaged a Part-Time CFO

A lot of what Unisan Group does for its clients is what it was looking for in a part-time CFO – trust, valuable counsel, the ability to see things differently to make better decisions and avoid poor decisions. With multiple divisions for renovation and distribution, Unisan Group has some characteristics that could prove complex, not just for financial functions but for strategic growth. Haleh Fardi, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at ProCFO Partners, approached with the right vision and mindset.

The FGC Financial Flywheel from ProCFO Partners

The Value of ProCFO Partners to Unisan Group

Haleh Fardi from Chicago is ProCFO Partners Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Haleh Fardi

“It was like she wanted to be part of the company. And she became part of the company. Really. It was like she was on the staff,” White remembers. “She was so passionate and energetic about what we were doing. It was awesome.”

Among Haleh’s contributions was implementing a proper divide between the renovations and distribution and construction divisions. Splitting the divisions helped Tom and the rest of leadership better understand the complementary relationship between the two and introduced new clarity.

That clarity is a product of the unique approach to financial functions ProCFO Partners takes. With frameworks and experienced, expert insights, there’s broad, deep and structured knowledge companies like Unisan Group can leverage.


“It was awesome,” Tom says about their engagement with Haleh and ProCFO Partners. “She got so involved.” On the changes Unisan Group has since been implementing, “It’s taken some time, but it was so eye opening.”

Delivering meaningful, strategic value that goes far deeper than charts and graphs, reports and statements, is why ProCFO Partners exists. When we say, “Create The Next,” Unisan Group is a great illustration of what we mean – the next iteration of the company, the next chapter, the next opportunity to develop a vision and achieve new goals.

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