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If you are a CFO with an entrepreneurial mindset, let’s talk about how you can help businesses grow and thrive as a ProCFO Partner.

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Meet Juan Ramirez, a Managing Director and CFO at ProCFO Partners.

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We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their business & financial goals.


Are you a CFO with…

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Do you want to move beyond the confines of conventional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) positions and dive into a career that offers you the freedom, flexibility, and ability to focus on your expertise in specific industries?

Then let’s talk about joining us as a ProCFO Partner! You’ll be paired with clients looking to benefit from your experience and relying on your expertise to help them grow and build sustainable and profitable businesses. As a ProCFO Partner you will work directly with businesses nationwide and guide them into the future as their point of contact for strategic accounting and financial directions.

Managing Director

Are you passionate about helping businesses grow in a way that is systematic, sustainable, and scalable? Do you enjoy building teams and managing and supporting their growth and productivity? Would you like to do more? Would you like the opportunity to grow an entire region?

If so, then let’s talk about how you can join ProCFO Partners as a Managing Director. We’ll give you the opportunity to manage regional operations while you partner with our CFO team and clients. Together, we will work to meet our company goals and the goals of each client – aligning with each business’s vision and mission. –

Why Join the ProCFO Partners Team?

Join the ProCFO Partners team because you want to:

Work closely with business owners who value your insights.
Join a winning team at one of the country’s leading fractional CFO firms.
Amplify your impact in the community.
Reach a variety of clients in multiple industries.
Expand your financial management resources.
Increase your freedom and flexibility as a CFO.


We support and invest in our CFO’s success by offering a pool of different resources, including the FGC Financial Flywheel™, collaborative efforts between team members, and internal/external training.

FGC Financial Flywheel™

​​You don’t need us to teach you how to be a CFO or a successful business development professional—you already are one!

However, we always provide new ProCFOs with tools, including the exclusive FGC Financial Flywheel™. This approach points CFOs to six focus areas and has them collaborate with business owners to help determine what needs attention first in their business. Our comprehensive perspective helps our ProCFOs optimize the key relationships between business financial functions.


At ProCFO Partners you aren’t a solopreneur (single person running a business), you are an integral member of an entrepreneurial collective, sharing knowledge, experience, and partnering on projects – as needed – together.


Continuous learning is one of our Core Values and a cornerstone of our company culture. We invest heavily in you, with both external and internal formal training.

In addition, join your peers for regular weekly-monthly-quarterly events including best practice seminars, guest speakers, book clubs, industry deep dives, and company-wide in-person meetings.

  • Best practice seminars
  • Guest speaker events
  • Book club meetings
  • Industry deep dives
  • Company-wide in-person appointments

Core Values

ProCFO Partners are expert financial officers networked across industries, verticals, specializations, and situations. The collective knowledge of our CFOs leads to your forward-looking solution to deliver a powerful framework for sustainable success.


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