Co-Founder and CVO
Expertise: Improving operations, impacting business growth and maximizing profits through cash management, strategic planning, systems development, creating processing efficiencies, and business restructuring.

Haleh Fardi’s passion is helping business owners and executives achieve their goals. Aligned with her personal purpose to contribute and create, she has developed the FGC Financial Flywheel™ with her partner Nelson Tepfer. The FGC Financial Flywheel™ is a comprehensive system that, when implemented in an organization, provides a framework for financial management and growth. This approach enables leaders to make better informed decisions, evaluate their business strategies and engage their team.

Haleh has held roles as a CFO, COO and President. She has completed numerous mergers and acquisitions, business divestitures, debt financing and exit transactions.  Haleh has broad industry experience including Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Marketing and Financial Services. She is an effective leader and developer of high-performing teams.

Haleh is committed to empowering and mentoring women in business, was an Executive Board member at CHILD International and a pro bono consultant at Taproot Foundation.  Haleh recently completed the Oxford University Said Business School Executive Leadership Program and holds a B.A in Economics from CSULB.



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