We’re Giving a ProCFO Partners Services Grant To A Manufacturing Company in Chicago!

Jan 16, 2024
ProCFO Partners believes that every company deserves the expertise of a seasoned CFO. In fact, our expert CFOs become integral members of your leadership team, bringing years of experience, the experiences of having worked in multiple industries, and often having held multiple executive seats. So when we say every company deserves an expert CFO, that has to mean more than, as long as they can afford it. We're thrilled to share our new grant program, where we'll work with companies to deliver ProCFO Partners services through a special $50,000 opportunity. For this opportunity we're selecting a company in the manufacturing sector in Chicagoland, and we can't wait to get started. In this episode we talk about the grant, why we think it's important, why we're starting with manufacturing, and discussing the right kind of organization to apply. Featuring Haleh Fardi

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