The Dangers of Siloed Leadership in Business

Mar 28, 2022 The dangers of siloed leadership from ProCFO Partners

Siloed leadership is the practice of organizing and managing an organization in a way where different departments are separated and often work independently. In today’s episode, Managing Partner and Co-Founder Haleh Fardi discusses how siloed leadership can be dangerous for business because it limits the collaboration between departments, leading to missed opportunities to innovate, grow, or solve problems.

For example, a company might have one department focusing on marketing while another was focusing on sales. The two departments might not collaborate and instead focus on their own goals. This separation can make it difficult for the company to innovate or grow because there is no collaboration across departments. Haleh explores how siloed leadership often develops on accident, as part of annual planning, and how company leaders can take practical steps to avoid friction when one part of the business is out of sync with another.

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