From Chaos to Clarity: How the Right Fractional CFO or Part-Time CFO Can Transform Your Business

Jul 31, 2023 fractional CFO or part-time CFO from ProCFO Partners podcast Create The Next
So your board (or team or voice in your head) says, You need a fractional CFO. Or wait, maybe they say, You need a part-time CFO. A full-time hire? Maybe a consultant? All you (or they) are really sure of is: You need help. In today's conversation, Haleh Fardi joins us and challenges conventional notions of financial management, introducing a fresh perspective on the role of a fractional CFO or part-time CFO. We explore how the strategic CFO can recalibrate financial strategy in your organization, discuss the difference between a consultant and a fractional CFO, and discuss how having a comprehensive financial framework for growth is essential for strategy and tactical execution. Learn how a Financial Flywheel approach can be a focal point for time, energy, and resources, leading to greater efficiency and success. This discussion sheds light on how a fractional ProCFO or part-time CFO can be your strategic advantage.

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