The Scientist and The Sage: How ProCFO Partners Has Changed Business for Victus Ars

Jan 27, 2022

Michelle Frame is the Founder and CEO of Victus Ars, who “helps companies make better snacks.” It might sound like the sweetest job in the world, but the challenges Frame and her team of candy scientists face involve sophisticated lab equipment and processes, considerable research & development to benefit their clients, and perfecting a client-first approach. One way they manage all that and more and has been with the strategic eye of Haleh Fardi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at ProCFO Partners, to help align the company vision in context with their financial functions, nurturing key relationships and helping manage cash flow and more. In today’s special Client Story, learn how a leader like Frame leaves room for blue-sky thinking (that could benefit us all), how an asset-heavy company with a lab in Chicago makes an impact for its clients, and how Frame’s only regret is not working with a part-time CFO earlier.

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