The Best Part Time CFO in Long Island from ProCFO Partners

Part Time CFO Services in Long Island

The best part time CFO in Long Island is a professional who has an understanding of how the Island is shaped by its location, history, industry and people. Long Island sits in the shadow of Manhattan yet enjoys its own...

Oct 8, 2021
Annual planning, goals and stratgies: the future of business is personal from ProCFO Partners

Goals, Strategies & Annual Planning: The Future of Business is Personal

Shifting ideas and ideals are impacting your ability to plan for next year and beyond. From pandemic realities to acknowledging the “Great Resignation”, new energy on diversity in the workplace, and employees embracing a more personal, relationship-driven work experience, the...

Sep 24, 2021
Looking Deeper When Buying or Selling A Business

Buying or Selling a Business [Comprehensive Guide]

A lot of has happened in the world of transactions since 2019, notably because there's a lot of money flowing in business right now. Are you considering buying or selling a business? In this article we explore some crucial aspects...

Sep 3, 2021
Empowered by the ERP: Working Smarter In Your Business

Choosing Manufacturing ERP: Factors to Consider

The ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning platform, helps power the logistics, data, and even productivity in your business. Do you have one? Do you need one? Some smaller businesses have devised their own "ERP" without even realizing it through systems...

Aug 12, 2021
Business in Philadelphia and the CFO, from ProCFO Partners

Part Time CFO Services Philadelphia

As one of America's oldest cities, Philadelphia has a rich, storied tradition and a business culture that follows, with high premiums on relationships and authenticity. Juxtaposed to this is an invigorating, innovative business set where small businesses and incubators are...

Aug 6, 2021
Creating Your Advanced Warning System to Avoid Cash Flow Catastrophe

How To Avoid Negative Cash Flow

Maybe the only thing worse than having cash flow issues is being surprised by cash flow issues. A cash flow problem arises when a business begins to have more cash outflows than inflows. We are not speaking about profitability, but...

Jul 23, 2021
Construction Industry Best Practices For Financial Strength

Construction Industry Best Practices For Financial Strength

The construction companies that are the most profitable right now are succeeding because they have made it a point to push financial understanding down to the field level. Keep reading for construction industry best practices for financial growth - first...

Jul 1, 2021
Manufacturing Company Management: Best Practices for Financial Functions

How To Manage a Manufacturing Business

Small and mid-market manufacturing companies face a number of potentially complex issues. Like any manufacturer, strategic mindsets around raw materials, storage, uptime, vendor relationships, labor and distribution are all essential. But unlike larger manufacturers who might be more heavily resourced...

Jun 25, 2021
Understanding Change vs Transition: The Most Important Business Challenge (copy)

Understanding Change vs Transition: The Most Important Business Challenge

Change in business is inevitable. If we're fortunate we get to assume some control in change. Other times we can feel like we're just at the mercy of change. A company’s ability to change and remain vital depends on its...

Jun 3, 2021
Why You Need A Part-Time CFO

When Do You Need a CFO

Yes. You need a CFO. Even if you have a bookkeeper or an accountant, even if you’re a small business or a start-up. You - yes you - need a CFO. Or more accurately, you need a CFO’s perspective. A...

May 13, 2021
Budgeting and Planning the right way from ProCFO Partners

Budgeting Planning For Success

The most important thing you can do when budgeting and planning is collaborate. Many CEOs, CFOs and other business leaders will close the office doors, sit alone at a desk and build a budget or plan. This is literally creating...

May 6, 2021
Scenario Planning vs Contingency Planning for Not For Profit Organizations

Scenario Planning vs Contingency Planning for Not For Profit Organizations

The 2020 Pandemic showed every business and Not For Profit that things can change quickly and unexpectedly. While the shifts in business have often been extreme and extraordinary in this time, it serves as a meaningful reminder of the importance...

Apr 15, 2021

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