South Florida in Business: Fractional CFO from ProCFO Partners

South Florida In Business: Position, Perspective and ProCFO Partners

South Florida is often referred to as the gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America. Generally consisting of Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties, and extending in the Florida Keys and the west coast of Florida, it's home to a...

Feb 6, 2023
Navigate the healthcare insurance maze from ProCFO Partners

Navigating the Healthcare Maze: Business Essentials & Preparing for the Future

Navigating the healthcare maze can be a daunting task, especially for business owners and executives. Healthcare insurance, like the healthcare industry, is complex and often confusing. With the ever-evolving healthcare system and the pervasive influence of technology, it can be...

Jan 25, 2023
Creating Your Finance Team podcast from ProCFO Partners

Creating Your Finance Team: The Players and Their Functions

As a business executive, you understand the importance of having the right team in place for success. When it comes to your finance team, it’s critical to have the right players in the right roles. Think of your team as...

Jan 4, 2023
Reflect on your past year's performance to create a successful plan for the future. ProCFO Partners can help you identify areas for improvement and set realistic goals for the new year. from ProCFO Partners

Reflect, Readjust, Reimagine: Looking at Last Year to Create Your Next Year

As the new year approaches, it's natural to look back at the past year and reflect on what worked and what didn't. This exercise is particularly important for business executives as it can help you identify areas for improvement and...

Dec 28, 2022
Raising Capital For Your Business: Advice & Insights to Help You Grow blog post from ProCFO Partners

Raising Capital For Your Business: Advice & Insights to Help You Grow

Raising capital is a critical part of running a successful business. It can also be one of the biggest challenges that companies face. This is why it’s essential to understand when it’s time to raise capital, what common obstacles and...

Dec 21, 2022
Peer Groups, Mentors & Coaches: How Stronger Connections Create Better Leaders blog post from ProCFO Partners

Peer Groups, Mentors & Coaches: How Stronger Connections Create Better Leaders

Mentorship, coaching, and peer groups are crucial resources for professional growth and development. These support systems provide valuable guidance, support, and accountability that can help people navigate leadership challenges and succeed in their careers. In this article, we'll be sharing...

Dec 15, 2022
Building Your Vision of Success: Focusing on the 5 C's blog from ProCFO Partners

Building Your Vision of Success: Focusing on the 5 C's

The CEO of the Ford Motor Company, Jim Farley, declared that Ford’s future is not based on selling cars but on selling a continuous stream of services, from hands-free driving technology to updated touchscreen infotainment apps. Ford success not based on selling cars –...

Nov 28, 2022
Organizational goals and metrics from ProCFO Partners

Owning Outcomes: How Leaders Can Instill Better Performance Metrics

Setting goals is essential for any organization, but getting everyone on the same page can take time and effort. This article will discuss how to set directional goals that will create organizational alignment and focus. We'll explore the importance of...

Nov 24, 2022
ProCFO Partners Planning for 2023

Starting Strong in 2023: What to do Now and Next

This article discusses the importance of the right goals and strategies for your organization, measured against the best targets. Many companies set goals that could be more focused or clear or energize the people responsible for executing them. Learn what...

Nov 9, 2022
Preparing for Scaling from ProCFO Partners

How To Prepare For Scaling: A Strategic Approach

Scaling your business is a process that takes time. It's a continuous process that never ends. There will always be areas of your business that need to be scaled or expanded to grow and thrive. Some scaling activities – such...

Oct 26, 2022
Scaling and Funding for growth from ProCFO Partners

Scaling and Funding for Growth: Making Moves in the Middle

In this article, we’re discussing concerns and insights for how to scale and fund growth for companies that have maybe moved past start-up or initial funding and are now looking for next-round investments and opportunities. Today’s market is more crowded...

Oct 20, 2022
Conscious Capitalism from ProCFO Partners

Conscious Capitalism: Building a Purpose-Built Business

Conscious Capitalism explores the ROI of putting your business model in the context of purpose. Its goal is to elevate humanity through business. As businesses continue adjusting to phenomena like The Great Resignation or "Quiet Quitting," it's become clear that...

Oct 12, 2022

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