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Ambition and risk-taking are essential in business. Shifting market dynamics require businesses to adapt swiftly. Yet, the challenge lies in recognizing these shifts early and responding strategically. 

Today’s turbulent business terrain presents many trials. Firms face sudden surges in demand and startling economic updates, disrupting even the best-laid plans. Stability and growth are tricky to maintain amid constant change, causing companies to react instead of proactively steering their course. 

A lack of strategic financial insight can lead to missed opportunities and wasted resources. This is particularly detrimental for small to medium-sized enterprises that lack the financial buffer to absorb shocks. Navigating these challenges without a clear financial strategy is overwhelming. 

Strategic financial leadership is the key here. A CFO’s insight, whether through a full-time role or fractional services, provides resilience against market volatility, interprets market signals, and crafts adaptive strategies. They bring foresight and analytical acumen, while providing the insight to make every decision driven by data and focused on the future. 

Every business owner deserves to work with an expert CFO to guide their success. Reacting to changes with agility and insight is vital, and their perspective provides the necessary foresight and adaptability. As your strategic partner, a CFO will ensure your business is always poised for growth, no matter the market conditions. 

Create Your Next! 

Agility in business is the ability to move fast. Strategic agility is moving fast with purpose. In this article, we’ll discuss the value of being strategically agile. Not all organizations are designed for moving fast – yet market dynamics (and customers!) expect it. And those that can move fast often do so without a vision for future impact. 

For some business leaders, finance is seen as purely functional, even a necessary but perhaps boring and tedious necessity. When you dig a little deeper, you find finance is more than numbers and spreadsheets. Finance is the fuel that powers business growth.

“Seriously good messages” is the promise Alchemy Worx makes in helping its clients like eBay and Disney communicate through email and text messaging. For CEO Allan Levy, that’s more than a pithy slogan for a marketing company – it’s a directive.

John Longino

CFO | Principal

John is an experienced Financial Executive with a detailed knowledge of finance, treasury and accounting. His skillset enables him to develop and improve processes required to effectively operate in fast paced and rapidly changing environments. He has a proven track record of driving results and managing strategy, operations, working capital, cash flow and human capital development in helping companies achieve sustained growth. [Read More]

Vaughn Henson

CFO | Principal

Vaughn Henson is a talented professional with extensive financial and operation experience across a wide range of industries. His career began as a CPA in public accounting and progressed to President of a fast growing transportation and parts processing company. Under his leadership annual volumes grew from 250,000 units to 3.5M, and profits increased by 5X. Vaughn is a roll-up-the-sleeves problem solver with a natural talent to relate to and engage with people throughout an organization. [Read More]

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