ProCFO Partners’ Geographic Expansions Ensures Clients Nationwide Have the Access to Expert CFOs That They Deserve 

Philadelphia, PA – ProCFO Partners announces the opening of its newest office in the Greater Philadelphia region. Already one of the fastest-growing providers of professional fractional CFO services to businesses nationwide, the Philadelphia office further underscores ProCFO Partners’ mission to ensure every company has access to expert CFO services. 


“Unlike so many markets, the greater Philadelphia region’s business ecosystem has a uniquely diverse business base of small-to-medium-sized companies struggling to juggle inflation and rising wage and interest rates,” explains ProCFO Partners Philadelphia Managing Director Ryan Walter. “We provide access to the expertise large companies have, which SMBs don’t usually get access to. Also, most small to medium businesses don’t want or need a full-time CFO, yet they do require that level of expertise to plan for their strategic growth. We’re able to help them do just that.”  


Added Haleh Fardi, ProCFO Partners’ Co-Founder and Chief Vision Officer, “ProCFO Partners is not just a service provider – we are a partner in growth and success.  In the last four years, our expert CFOs have helped our clients navigate a pandemic, acquire companies or transition their businesses to their children, employees, or others with an eye to achieving their goals. Results like this are only possible when CEOs, Presidents and Founders have CFOs they can count on, who’ve done this kind of work before, who’ve seen these kinds of issues before, and who clearly understand their unique vision.”   


ProCFO Partners, established in 2020, has rapidly become one of the top providers of fractional CFO leadership throughout the United States. Their team, made up of skilled and experienced CFOs, offers a vast amount of expertise across a wide range of industries, helping nearly 200 companies in their pursuit of success. They believe in empowering companies to achieve their financial objectives and guiding them towards a prosperous future. 


“What makes us different is that our approach is uniquely tailored to each company’s needs,” explained Walter. “We understand that each company’s journey is different, and we provide the financial leadership required to help CEOs identify and implement the strategies, tools, and tactics they need to meet their goals with precision and efficiency. “ 


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