Becoming a ProCFO Navigating Environments & Discovering Opportunities

Mar 8, 2023

Mike Durney has a wealth of C-suite having served in public accounting, as CFO, Controller and CEO. He’s stood at the helm through bankruptcy, acquisition and divestiture,  of companies ranging from media to entertainment to technology. With decades of experience, Mike has an in-depth understanding of the financial and operational issues that companies face. As a ProCFO, Mike leverages his expertise to help companies navigate their environments and discover new opportunities for growth.

Navigating Environments

Mike has a long history of leading organizations in various industries, sizes and situations. This rich diversity of experiences has sharpened his skills for understanding the nuances of verticals, markets and customers. He’s managed organizations through complex situations, in some cases having experiences that, he says, were “incredible, and I hope to never have to do again.” 

In addition to his industry experience, Mike has honed a range of skills in his various roles. He is an expert at developing financial strategies and managing budgets. He also has a deep understanding of corporate governance, risk management, and corporate social responsibility. These skills are essential for navigating the complex and ever-changing environments of today’s business landscape, and they make him a valuable partner and strategist with his clients at ProCFO Partners. “Actually having run an organization of $200 Million and 800 people is a different experience than the typical CFO who hasn’t become a CEO.”

Discovering Opportunities

After a career of leadership and business traveling, Mike stepped back some years ago to take a break from full-time work and engage in pro bono and contracting engagements. This has enabled him to explore new industries, develop fresh perspectives, and stay abreast of the latest trends.

These experiences have enabled Mike to put his skills to more flexible use with ProCFO Partners. Through ProCFO Partners, Mike and the team are able to provide clients with the financial leadership they need to thrive in their industries and discover new opportunities for growth. It’s the combined expertise and leverage of this team that creates an aggregate benefit for business leaders and organizations in need of a fractional CFO. “I haven’t done it all,” Mike says, “But among all of us at ProCFO Partners, we’ve almost done it all.”


In sum, Mike’s wealth of experience and expertise has enabled him to become a valued and seasoned executive partner. He has used his skills to navigate a variety of industries and uncover new opportunities. Through ProCFO Partners, Mike continues to provide companies with the financial leadership they need to succeed in today’s changing business landscape. Because of a unique approach, fresh point of view and capable experts like Mike, ProCFO Partners is uniquely positioned to help companies navigate their environments and discover new opportunities for growth.


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