ProCFO Partners can help you make sense of your financial reporting

Dashboard? More like Dash-Bored.

Most organizations are looking at metrics but not meaning. Are your KPIs helping you prioritize business activities and inform strategy?  Download your FREE Profit Reporting Flywheel™ and quickly discover the story your numbers are telling.

More reporting is not better reporting

Your numbers are telling you what to do next. Learn how to listen.

ProCFO Partners Financial Strategy and Growth helps you understand the value of financial reporting
ProCFO Partners Financial Strategy and Growth help you listen to the story your financial reports are telling

Financial reports can be overwhelming, and unless you’re a rare mix of magician and scientist, many business leaders are lost to nuance of what’s meaningful and actionable.

Think about this: If three to five departments in your company are each generating three to five reports, business leaders can find themselves drowning under 25 reports. You don’t need more reports – you need exactly the right amount of reports to help you manage to success.

What information is essential for you to know what is going on inside of your business? Let’s put focus there.

ProCFO Partners helps you develop better financial reporting through:


Identifying gaps in your current financial statements


Analyzing budget reports to drive action on the story the numbers are telling


Forecasting future performance to give you insight into what’s coming next


Defining the specific reports you need to stay focused on key performance indicators

ProCFO Partners Financial Strategy and Growth helps you understand the value of financial reporting

Power of Perspective

The right reports deliver the insight you need to manage cash flow and improve profits. See how a complete financial vision helps you.

ProCFO Partners Financial Strategy and Growth helps with cash management

Cash Management

Cash flow issues are symptoms of some other dysfunction in your business. Focus on what matters most.

ProCFO Partners helps make your business more profitable

Profit Improvement

Profit growth – and contraction – happen because something’s changed in your business.

You're not alone. We're ready. Let's go.

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ProCFO Partners are expert financial officers networked across industries, vertical, specializations and situations. Our collective strength leads to your forward-looking solution, while our FGC Financial Flywheel™ delivers a powerful framework for sustainable success. Choose us for a part-time CFO with all-time commitment.

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