Rodger Lazoff

CFO | Principal
Expertise: Expertise: Financial Reporting, Tax, Restructuring, Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis, Process Efficiencies, Cash Management, Systems Implementation, Consolidations and Staff Mentoring

Rodger Lazoff, CPA, brings a wealth of experience in finance, operations, and information systems across various company sizes and types, spanning public and private sectors, both domestic and international. His expertise covers industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer goods distribution (wholesale and retail), metal and chemical fabrication, medical device trials, pharmaceutical manufacturing, restaurants, and cable business.

Known for his skills in devising and executing business plans to enhance efficiencies, Rodger specializes in automating data collection, implementing new systems, documenting operational procedures, optimizing cash flow, and maximizing profitability. He has a track record of managing banking relationships, overseeing internal and external audits, handling information technology, ensuring tax compliance, developing tax strategies, and managing transfer pricing.

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