The Point of View: Leadership at the Intersection of Vision and Trust

Sep 26, 2022 Haleh Fardi discusses vision and trust in Create The Next podcast


Vision can’t be achieved without engagement from your team – sometimes we call that “buy-in,” which is shorthand for everybody being on board, in agreement, or at least in agreement to move in the same direction. And for that to happen, people need to trust the vision. This is true when you’re leading a team, leading a company or leading a customer.

Today Haleh Fardi joins us to talk about trust and vision in the context of strategy, strategic agility and how important a point of view is to serve those strategies. It can feel easier to crunch numbers, rehash revenue and talk tactics – especially in annual planning. Today let’s focus on the importance of becoming visionary, seeking commitment, and being capable of turning vision into action.

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