Connecting Touchpoints: Increasing Satisfaction, Efficiency, and Opportunity with Better Systems and Processes

Jan 27, 2022

The systems and processes that run your business can consist of spreadsheets to software, notepads to networks. As we start out, we might depend on manual processes, free or cheap services, or essential knowledge that’s known only to a few. Problems come up when our systems don’t keep pace with business growth, and we sacrifice innovation for manual labor. It’s not just wanted time, resources, and ultimately money that is the consequence – customer experiences can suffer, opportunities for insight and growth can be overlooked, and leaders can be stuck in the weeds of running the business. In today’s episode Gerry Quinn talks about optimizing systems and processes, including the importance of having a single source of truth with information, how you know when it’s time for a change or upgrade, and how your CFO should be involved for strategic success.

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