Beyond the Bank: Alternative Funding & Strategic Financing

Mar 26, 2024

Navigating business financing sometimes introduces us to lesser-known paths, highlighting the limitations of conventional banking and the need for more creative solutions. In this episode, we explore securing appropriate funding for your business, including financial options beyond local banks or other “typical” lending options. Nelson Tepfer, CEO and Co-Founder at ProCFO Partners, and Ami Kassar, CEO and Founder at MultiFunding, join us to discuss the internal and external hurdles businesses encounter when seeking funds, from the critical necessity of precise reporting to the frequently overlooked alternative financing solutions that could be pivotal in promoting growth and opportunity. We discuss misconceptions surrounding SBA loans, the fluid nature of lending criteria, and the storytelling skill required to persuade lenders. Whether it’s financing for operational needs, capital expenditure, or business acquisitions, understanding the subtleties of the financial world can significantly impact your ability to succeed – and, as ever, the right partners and relationships along the way can be the difference. Join us as we navigate these complex issues with Nelson Tepfer, CEO and Co-Founder at Pro CFO Partners, and Amit Kozar, CEO and Founder at, offering their expert insights and advice on finding creative, strategic ways to support your business’s future. Featuring Nelson Tepfer and Ami Kassar

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