Rashid Khan

Managing Director | CFO
Expertise: Financial Reporting & Planning, Strategic Business Growth, Process Improvement, Employee Development and ERP systems assessment and implementation.

Rashid Khan is a Senior Finance and Operations executive with extensive experience in helping businesses develop and achieve their strategic goals. Over two decades, he has worked as an agent of transformation and growth for small to large organizations across a multitude of industries.

Rashid has spent most of his career developing people, processes, and technology – three key elements for any business to be successful. He is a results-oriented leader and strategic business partner, who possesses the core values of integrity, compassion, and perseverance. Rashid is a visionary with an ability to make sense of numbers and who consistently drives best practice solutions to successful implementation.

Key areas of focus: 
• Financial Reporting & Planning              
• Strategic Business Growth 
• Process Improvement                                     
• Employee Development 
• ERP systems assessment and implementation



Business Transformation: The People Pillar and The Great Resignation

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