Kathleen Quinn

CFO | Principal
Kathleen Quinn
Expertise: Expertise: Profitable business growth with maximized EBITDA, cash management and forecasting and pricing.

Kathleen Quinn is a senior-level finance and accounting executive who excels at partnering with leadership teams of rapidly growing companies. She balances the demands of sales, product/service delivery, and support teams with the need for profitable growth and cash management. Kathleen delivers a big picture focus balanced by a deep understanding of the details that drive results.

Kathleen’s 30+ years of experience consists of a broad range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, and services in both domestic and international markets.  She has held various roles in organizations such as Kerrygold, RumChata, Quaker Oats, and AT&T.  Her areas of expertise include cash management and forecasting, pricing of goods and services to maximize profitability and customer growth, business modeling to identify opportunities and risk for EBITDA targets, debt covenant compliance, and developing communications to meet stakeholder needs.

Kathleen holds a BA in Economics from Albion College and an MBA from the University of Illinois – Urbana. Personal interests have included Cookie Mom for the Girl Scouts, Treasurer for Evanston Youth Lacrosse, book groups, and spending time outdoors with her husband and two college-age children.



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