Howard Nagelberg

CFO | Principal
Expertise: Strategic Oversight, Income and Cash Flow Forecasting, Profit Optimization and Building an Efficient Staffing Structure

Howard Nagelberg is a highly accomplished finance executive with over 40 years of experience. As a C-Suite Finance Executive, Howard has established a reputation as a strategic thinker and collaborative leader, with a unique perspective on the interplay between finance and other disciplines. He believes that a strategic, big-picture perspective is essential to success. Throughout his career, Howard has worked closely with teams across various departments, leveraging his expertise to drive results and achieve business objectives.

Howard’s career trajectory is diverse, having worked in both entrepreneurial enterprises and large corporate entities. He has held senior leadership positions in the services sectors, manufacturing, international companies, marketing services, and business strategy and consulting. Through his extensive experience, Howard has developed a deep understanding of the nuances of each industry and the role of finance within them. He has worked with brand icons such as Amstar, RCA/GE, and Tambrands. His 20 years spent in the marketing services arena with Grey Advertising and JUICE Pharma Worldwide helped him master what it means to be a finance executive in the services sector. He also founded a business strategy, consulting and recruiting firm.

Howard holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance. He lives in Long Island, NY. He loves the outdoors, ice hockey, an 8-time marathoner and is an avid golfer. He is married, has many grown and successful children.



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